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Silva for Children (cont.)

Children’s Program Outline
Learning how to breathe. Learning how to relax.
Learning about the ALPHA level of the MIND.
What is the ALPHA level?
Learning how to reach the ALPHA level.
Learning to use MORE of the MIND and use it in a special manner.
Working with Limiting Beliefs.
What are Limiting Beliefs?
What is Visualization and Imagination?

Program Methods Outline

Sleep and Awake Control
to have a full night’s healthy sleep and to wake up at the right time every time

Dream Control and Head Ache / Pain Control

use your dreams to receive and understand messages from your subconscious and use the methods to eliminate head aches and chronic pain without the use of drugs

Creation of Mental Screen and Memory Pegs
your own mental screen to visualize anything you desire and learn to train your
mind to remember school work, goals, details, presentations and much more.

Three fingers technique
a trigger mechanism that can be used any time of the day that helps with studying, test taking,
material retention and memory.

The glass of water technique
used to intuitively get information or guidance.

Changing Limiting Beliefs exercise.

Mirror of the Mind / Habit control
using visualization and imagination to alter an existing situation and then create an ideal
one. / Examples of habits you may want to change: nail biting, weight control, worrying, procrastinating….

Introduction to Effective Sensory Projection Exercises:
  Visualization and Imagination
  Mental projection into the four kingdoms: Inanimate, Plant, Animal and Human Body.
  Introduction into the Creative Dimension: Building a Mental Laboratory for creative solutions.
  Case working: using visualization and imagination to send healing to plants, animals and people.


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Silva Method : Live life at your level

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