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The Silva Method of Mind Development and
Motivational Training Seminar
for Children


The Silva Method Children’s Seminar is available for children in two groupings:
ages 6 to 9 and 9 to 15.

The instruction time frame is different from the adult presentation in that it is spread out into at least 6 weekly sessions of 3 hours each or more. This allows the child to concentrate during the sessions and to have enough time between the sessions to understand and practice the material.

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Presentations can be held in a small hotel conference room, a classroom setting or a private home. In all instances it is a requirement that a parent or two be available outside the presentation premise. It is also a requirement that the child understands that the seminar will take 3 hours out of his/her time once a week, 6 weeks in a row and additionally the child should have a willingness to do the seminar.

Prior to each seminar there will be a Telephone Consultation with Parents, that will outline the course material and answer any question a parent may have. I would like to ask all parents to make a list of reasons why they would like their children to take the seminar. Some of this may be personal but most are related to stress as outlined below.

Stress Management for Children, Causes of Stress, What Children Say Causes Stress, Symptoms of Stress

What do Children and Parents Want?

  To get better grades? To be good with a sport? To get over allergies?
  To be and have a better friend? To stop getting nervous about things?
  To learn to have a positive approach to things? To feel good about myself?
  To eliminate blame and fear? To understand and appreciate what my parents do for me?
  For Parents to understand and appreciate the “gift” that is my child?…..

Relaxation is the most effective, natural remedy against stress, which is the major contributor to poor health and dysfunctional behavior.

Next to “sleeping” and “being awake” there is an important third mental state. It is being in the “state of mental relaxation”. According to research, only pure, positive changes take place in our bodies in the “state of mental relaxation”.

Substantial improvements occur in human organs, especially the brain, where oxygenation increases more so than in a deep sleep. Arteries and veins dilate in this “state of relaxation”, thus blood supply to organs increases.

Cholesterol levels drop, that is, the relationship between good and bad cholesterol levels come into proper balance.

The blood’s endorphin level increases, which in turn increases the pain threshold and produces a feeling of pleasant well-being.

The brain produces more ALPHA WAVES, synchronized ALPHA WAVES that, according to research promote regeneration of cells.



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