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Alice Konyves : CSMI, CI, ACH, CM.NLP
Certified Silva Method Instructor

Rate the Instructor
(Comments taken from actual response cards from Ms. Konyves classes. Full transcripts of individual comments may be requested)

“This is a deeply committed instructor who truly desires to transmit the program so that the lives of participants will be enhanced. Thank you for your willingness to make a positive difference in the world through this program.” R.H.

“Motivated and inspiring as she interacts with the group.” M.R.

“I enjoyed the personal stories. I like that you are very spiritual, yet focused and directed as well. I appreciate and respect your personal goals; also to see a Wall Street person engaging themselves so fully lends a lot of credibility. (Meaning….embracing the spiritual but down to earth as well)” J.C.

“Alice comes through as knowing the material very well, but what really is impressive is her faith and belief that each one of us is capable of achieving our goals and she offers all her help for us to get there.” R.R.

“Good presentation skills, interactive class.” M.G.

“Thanks for the great work and your commitment. All methods described perfectly. Very integral and honest in communicating clearly all that was remembered and not remembered by me.” K.M.

“The instructor was very knowledgeable of the Silva Method. She spoke clearly and made certain we understood. The instructor allowed for class to share and ask questions. The instructor’s passion toward life spread to us.” S.R.

“Alice you certainly inspired me to continue and live a better life with your instructions. I felt your energy to be very Positive.” E.R.

“I loved your clarity – your kindness.” “You did a great job of teaching. You explained everything, you make it so easy to learn, you are present in the now.” S.D.

“Excellent! I have to say I have experienced many different instructors and your sincerity, loving and giving personality comes through.” L.S.

“I found the trainer was very capable.” B.A.

“You were prepared and ready to answer all questions. Your delivery was smooth, you know your subject. You were witty and made all of us very comfortable. Again, your honesty and belief in this course was obvious.” H.Q.

Silva Method : Live life at your level

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