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Alice Konyves : CSMI, CI, ACH
Certified Silva Method Instructor

The Ceremony of the Hawk and the Dove

Once at home, in the backyard with shovel, chisel and hammer in hand, I started carving at the frozen ground making a sizable square. The ground became softer deeper down except when I hit the roots of my wonderful walnut tree nearby. I had questions in my mind about laying a hawk and a dove to rest side by side but I was determined to do it. As the grave began to unfold, me on my knees digging deeper and deeper, the root of the tree fell right in the center of the grave separating the hawk and the dove yet being very much together. The gravesite was ready.

From my altar in my bedroom I brought a candle, white sage leaves and essential oil. I lit the candle, placed it in the grave, and then lit the sage leaves allowing the entire grave to be saturated with the smoke. I took the frankincense oil and allowed a few drops on each side of the tree root to fall onto the ground. I laid the two birds side by side on the ground outside of the grave, circled them with the smoke of the sage dropping some frankincense oil on each. Then I asked permission from them if I could take three feathers from each. I did it, taking the feathers from their tail. Removing the burning candle I gently placed them into the grave, side by side, praying that they may have peace in eternity, thanking them for this lesson and asking God, the Universe that they may return as lovers of peace and freedom, that humanity would recognize and know the lesson before the awesome catastrophe looming over Mother Earth and her children.

Surprisingly the burning candle was not blown out by the wind that was present. I took it inside the house, placing it on my altar still burning while saturating the birds' feathers with the smoke of sage, placing them standing in a small vase next to the candle as a reminder of hawk and dove, war and peace and the emerging of the two as one, as love.

The Ceremony o f the Hawk and the Dove
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