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Alice Konyves : CSMI, CI, ACH, CM.NLP
Certified Silva Method Instructor

What is The Silva Method of Mind Development and Motivational Training?

In these dynamic 2-day trainings, you learn to relax physically and mentally, which will allow you to reduce the effects of stress and to enjoy greater health and energy. You will access the ALPHA brain waves by using a series of structured mental training exercises thus improving your memory, concentration, your ability to learn quickly, as well as allowing you to access your intuition and psychic abilities. Whether you wish to solve problems more easily, enhance your spirituality, or think more creatively, you learn techniques to accomplish those goals.

Being and working in ALPHA allows you to correct, reframe and leave behind negative beliefs that have been programmed into your subconscious from early childhood. "Limiting beliefs", beliefs that you have, that stop you from achieving your potential and goals can be removed from your subconscious mind.

There are people who take the course so they could get better grades in school, people looking for their soulmates, people who struggle with weight problems, health problems, self-confidence and self-esteem issues, career and employment issues, all major stresses. Too, with these methods they learn to master their intuition in the real world. And then there are those who come because they just want to make money and pick the right stocks to invest in.

Jose Silva spent his entire life developing these methods. So when graduates of 20?0 years ago call, always with a positive attitude, always with reports of good, successful lives, this is feedback of participant success of many years, visible, hands-on-proof that the methods work for everyone.

Alice Konyves

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