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Graduate Renewal


Silva Method "Graduate Group" Meeting

Now open to family, friends and the general public

Always FREE

New Location
Sunday, Nyack, NY

Sunday, October 21, 2018

From 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm


You must notify me if you are attending and be on time. This is a private residence. Space is limited to 18 attending.

The Program:

1. Review any part of the Silva program you wish

2. A Power Animal Journey / Meet and greet your power animal and ask him/her to be a source of spiritual power for your protection and guidance. You may additionally create your specific intention for this journey

3. The Healing Circle Exercise

Forming an energy circle and healing
yourself, your loved ones,
your business, work, workplace,
projects and your goals.
(We do this exercise every time
we gather together.)

4. More if we have time


Directions to Nyack, NY

Please call 201 664-0118

e-mail Alice@AliceKonyves.com


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2. The DVD set of the Silva ULTRA Healing Course presented by László Domján, MD. We filmed the entire 2-day course and added a bonus DVD. The course is extraordinary and the filming turned out beautifully with great artistry. The price is $195.

3. My CDs to keep you in practice.The DVD set and my CDs are also available from my web page. Click on "Products for You" and if you wish you can pay by using Pay Pal. You can also e-mail me or call me if you wish to buy a product.

Now I have available the ALPHA SOUND, the MIND DIRECTING SOUND (used with the exercises in the course) and the THETA SOUND on CDs.




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